QuickBooks Technical Support Number

QuickBooks accounting software helps business owner efficiently manage the payroll tasks for their business through a range of online tools. Even though the software is designed to make payroll computations easy once in a while, users may encounter errors that can affect the business and halt specific payroll tasks. This article will give you an overview of how to solve QuickBooks Payroll error PS060. If you find that you keep getting payroll errors while working on QuickBooks, you can call the QuickBooks Contact Number and speak to a certified software expert to implement advanced troubleshooting steps so that you can fix the problem at the core.

Steps to troubleshoot QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060

More often than not QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060 is related to a billing or subscription issues on your account. You can refer to the steps given below to try and fix QB Payroll Error PS060:

  • Enter your login details, sign in to QuickBooks
  • Go to the ‘My Account’ section to check the billing data
  • You can locate the option under self-service subscription by Intuit
  • Go to the ‘Company’ section and look for the QB file causing the error
  • Go to the billing section for the file and press ‘Edit.’
  • Review the billing and subscription data and see if they are valid
  • If you notice any errors, update the data on and click ‘Save.’
  • Once you save the data on the QuickBooks software, click ‘Close.’
  • Use the QuickBooks preview option to verify the billing details

If you are satisfied with the data you entered, press ‘Save’ and log out of QuickBooks. After you log out of QuickBooks, restart your computer and check if QuickBooks Payroll error PS060 is resolved or not.

Alternate solutions to fix QuickBooks Payroll error PS060

If you find that the payroll error persists even after you changed the relevant billing details, it is possible that the error is the result of a server malfunction. You can wait for a while till you get a more robust connection then check if the QB payroll error is resolved.

Additionally, QuickBooks Payroll error PS060 could also be caused because you are using an outdated version for QuickBooks accounting software. Intuit regularly updates QuickBooks and adds new features to give users a better accounting experience. All QuickBooks users must note that the older versions of QuickBooks are not supported after the software is updated. That is why you need to make sure you are using the latest version of QuickBooks so as to avoid any software errors.

If you find that you cannot resolve QuickBooks Payroll error PS060 even after updating the software and changing the billing details you can call the QuickBooks Customer Service Number and ask for additional assistance to troubleshoot the issue.