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QuickBooks is one of the most used accounting software that is complete in itself. You can use it for your own as well as commercial purposes. This software is more than just a helping hand for the users. The QuickBooks software’s version of 2019 is an upgraded and a better version as compared to the others. QuickBooks desktop 2019 update has some new and improved features that will give the user a better usability.

What’s new in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows 2019

This has improved the reliability and experience of using the software. This year’s update will help them in receiving the extra inventory and will in turn help in fulfilling all the orders of the customers faster. The software’s update has also taken into consideration the accuracy of the calculations and the answers.

The update also has an Invoice history tracker that gives the user’s software an inclusion of QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise 19.0 and accountant 2019. To access this feature you can simply toggle to the displayed created invoice, then just go to the see history link which will be present on the name of the form quoted on the Invoice. Now let’s see the most important thing of the software, which is its features:

  • The date of the invoice creation. You can see the dates of each invoice that are created in the software.
  • Now with this update, you can also see the due date of each of the invoices that are created in your desktop.
  • Now you can also see the customer’s name on the email as well as the date when you got the email from the respective person.
  • The users can also view the date of the invoice, but then they should be connected to the high speeding internet to avail this feature.
  • You can also view the status of your payment. If your customer had received the payments that you have done, you will know through the app.

And a few things that you must keep in mind while using this software are:

  • You cannot transfer credits from one job to another within the same customer. If you tend to do so, the payment will be nullified and cannot be undone if it is changed once.
  • If there is an accountant copy in the data of the client then you cannot transfer the credits and neither can you apply for

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So, you can enjoy all this in the QuickBooks Desktop 2019 : What’s New and Improved