QuickBooks Enetrprise Support

QuickBooks enterprise isn’t an independent software product, it is, in fact, an ‘on-premise proprietary software’ that was built on the popularity and productivity of QuickBooks. It is an accounting tool that is suitable for the various business and its branches which includes construction, distribution, management and retails etc. Just like QuickBooks, it provides multi-user functions to the users so that they can have access to the company files from anywhere at any time. QuickBooks enterprise offers a reporting tool that can be customized according to the preference of the user so that it will help in analyzing data and making more informed business decisions. It targets those medium-sized businesses which have outgrown QuickBooks and are in need of a much more intense and complex accounting software that can handle their level of account purposes. But even though there is an upgrade in the performance and functionality in QuickBooks Enterprise, the user interface still remains friendly and it still has the navigational tools of its predecessor in order to make it accessible by non-accountants. If this information is not enough and you feel like you need more, you can contact QuickBooks enterprise customer support number.

Features of QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks enterprise in a way is like the successor of QuickBooks as it deals with accounting works of those businesses which have outgrown the need for QuickBooks and is in dire need of something which can handle the more complex tasks of medium-sized businesses. This is why the features in this software are also different and more upgraded in order to handle the more elaborate and complicated tasks. Some of the features available in QuickBooks enterprise are:

  • Mobile barcode scanning: Through this feature, a user can now wirelessly send picklists to workers on the floor or on a different country.
  • Client data review: With this new tool, you can now reclassify hundreds of transactions at once and fix incorrectly recorded sales tax payments.
  • Manage payroll permission: With this, you can set individual user roles and permission for over 115 different activities including payroll.
  • Invoice status tracker: You will get real-time visibility into the status of your invoices accelerate the pace of collection and improve cash flow.
  • Data file optimization: This is a very crucial feature of QuickBooks enterprise as this reduces the size of your data while you are backing it up.
  • Improved IIF imports: This feature inspects your data before you import and generate a report. It also gets rid of debugging and lets you reimport corrected records effortlessly.

Issues with QuickBooks Enterprise

With the upgrade in the features and the software, there has been some new but very common errors or issues in QuickBooks enterprise. Since it a slightly complex version and application from QuickBooks it is not a surprise that it is vulnerable to certain complication. Some of the most common errors in QuickBooks enterprise are:

  • QuickBooks enterprise error code 3371: this error manifests when your company data or license is damaged, corrupted or missing.
  • QuickBooks enterprise error code H202 H505: this happens when someone tries to open or work with a company file from a different computer
  • QuickBooks enterprise error 15215: this error happens when there is an improper configuration of Microsoft internet explorer.
  • QuickBooks error code 80029c4a: this is an issue that occurs when an antivirus mistakenly labels the QuickBooks enterprise software as a virus. Also, it happens when the user tries to install the software or installation of the operating system.

The symptoms of these errors are:

  • Software error occurs and crashes the ongoing program.
  • The PC crashed randomly and without warning while running the same program.
  • The ‘QuickBooks different error codes’ alert is displayed.
  • Slow and irregular performance of your Windows.
  • The system freezes periodically for some few seconds all at the same time.

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So keep in mind these errors and if you ever come across any one of them try to troubleshoot them as soon as possible or else it will lead to your own inconvenience and will cause unwanted complications. However, if you aren’t qualified to troubleshoot them on your own and you want help, you can contact QuickBooks technical support number to get free technical assistance from certified experts.


  • How do I resolve the issue of QuickBooks enterprise error code 3371?

    To fix the error code 3371 in QuickBooks enterprise, follow the steps mentioned below:

    • Press the windows button and R at the same time to run the program.
    • On the new window that appears, type in the command ‘ C:\ProgramData\intuit\Entitlement Client\v8’.
    • You will see that a new user has reached the windows explorer at that location.
    • Now delete the ‘ecml file’.
  • How can I purchase additional users license in QuickBooks enterprise?

    To purchase additional user license, follow the step below:

    • Open QuickBooks and go to ‘help’ on the menu bar.
    • Click on ‘manage my license’ and click ‘buy additional user license’.
    • Follow the instructions on the screen to continue with your purchase.
  • How do I enable barcode scanning in QuickBooks enterprise?

    To enable barcode scanning, simply follow the instructions highlighted below:

    • Open or launch the barcode scanning wizard and in the ‘edit ‘menu click on ‘preferences’.
    • Now scroll down and locate ‘items and inventory’ and under this click on ‘company preferences’.
    • Under this select ‘advanced inventory setting’. And go to ‘barcode’ and select the option that says ‘enable barcode’. Then open the barcode wizard.
    • When the barcode scanning setup wizard pops up, choose the activity you want the wizard to do and click ‘next’.
    • Click on ‘all items’ if you want QuickBooks desktop to create new barcodes for you.
    • Click the ‘next’ button and then the ‘finish’ option. After this select ‘ok’ in the wizard window.
  • How to fix QuickBooks enterprise installation errors?

    To fix the problems while installing QuickBooks enterprise, follow the steps below:

    • First, make sure your system meets the minimum requirement of the software.
    • Restart your computer and launch windows task manager.
    • Select ‘application’ and close all programs and try installing again.