QuickBooks is one website where you can help your business get all the boost it wants. But for that you need to create a login ID. But once you start using this website, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything else. Everything will be done by this smart webpage. If you are unable to login to your QuickBooks account then:
  • Just start the website and click on forget password and create a new one.
  • Also check your internet speed and stability.
  • While punching your credential pay extra care to it.

And for more help you can get in touch with QuickBooks Customer Support Number 1-888-571-3182.

How to fix a QuickBooks Company file problem?
Every user knows the benefits of QuickBooks as the best accounting software. But many times there occur some problem which is past the understanding of normal users. Fixing QuickBooks Company file problems including crash, not opening etc. is quite easy. You can try the given solutions
  • First, ensure that the problem is with file and not the program
  • Restore the QuickBooks company file
  • Try to open a sample company file
  • Change the location of the company file
  • Try to rename the company file
  • Remove the multi-user access
Want to Add Overtime Hours on Payroll
Are you not getting the best allowances and payments even when you are doing overtime? If this is the case, you should be well aware of the payment schedule and you should know how the payroll is set on an hourly basis when it comes to calculating overtime hours. So, here is the best way to calculate it for yourself:
  • On a usual note, the rates of your overtime work are almost the time and a half. For which you need to multiply it with your regular hourly payment by 1.5.
  • Now the amount of time you have worked extra should be multiplied with the hourly rates of the company.
  • Now add these both things together and the amount that you see is the overtime pay that should be given to you.
How to fix QuickBooks online API error?
If you are a QuickBooks user and you face an online API error then you can do this to fix this issue:
  • You can fetch the ID and name of the all customer, vendors and the employees from the QuickBooks online account and persist them in your software’s database.
  • Use webhooks or change data capture to keep this data up to date.

You do these things for not getting this online API error again or you can call on the QuickBooks customer support number.

How to fix QuickBooks log file error?
When you are QuickBooks users and not able to access the QB log files due to some hiccups, then there is only one step by which you can fix the problem and that is QuickBooks customer care experts. Via QuickBooks customer care number you can reach to technicians and ask them to assists you for troubleshooting.
How to sign-in to QuickBooks Payroll?
If you want to use QuickBooks Payroll service and enjoy its features. Then it’s necessary to have a QuickBooks account. Create an account from the official website of QuickBooks then follow these steps to sign-in.
  • Launch the QuickBooks software.
  • Choose the Payroll program.
  • Then click on login and enter the QuickBooks username and the password. After that click on Login again.
  • You will access into QuickBooks Payroll. If it shows the wrong password when you log in, then you can reset the password by clicking on forgot the password.

Get the help from QuickBooks customer helpline service, if you face any other trouble.

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