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QuickBooks is a very well-known software in the business industry. It helps in managing the accounts of business firms, especially small businesses. It is very efficient in organizing taxes, tracking bill statuses, creating recurring payments and creating checks etc. It is the ideal accounting software for small businesses. And under this software, we get a service known as Payroll. This feature, when unlocked, can carry out all payroll function which enables the smooth functioning of business especially when it comes to calculating how much workers are supposed to be paid and to file payroll taxes. It can also manage employee’s taxes, file quarterly payroll tax report etc. This services come in three different type: Basic, Enhanced and Assisted Payroll. For more detailed and in-depth idea about Payroll you can contact QuickBooks Payroll customer care number.

Features of Payroll in QuickBooks:

The features that are apparent in QuickBooks Payroll service are the main elements of customer attraction. These features are the backbone of the payroll service and are crucial in deciding how good the Payroll service is in QuickBooks. Some of the essential features of Payroll are:

  1. Attains to both accounting and payroll: It manages both accounting and payroll with one single log in eliminating the long process of waiting for the second account holder to log in to his account.
  2. Statutory Compliance reports: It generates accurate PT, PF, TSI and TDS report in a way that is suitable for upload on government websites.
  3. It syncs employee information and journal posting automatically: It automatically updates the payroll transactions in QuickBooks thereby eliminating the trouble of posting it manually.
  4. Calculation of salaries and pay slips:  All the work of generating pay slips and calculating salaries of workers are managed and done automatically.
  5. Consolidates reports for finance and payroll: This feature is one of the main and most important ones in Payroll service
  6. View My Pay check: This feature is the latest update to the Payroll service. Through this feature, employees can keep a track on their paycheck info by making an account on this website.

Issues with QuickBooks payroll

Though QuickBooks Payroll is a beloved service in the business realm, there will always be some hits and misses. These issues pose as a great inconvenience to users and cause a set back to its highly reputed nature. Some of the issues with QuickBooks payroll are:

  • The problem of QuickBooks payroll error PS077
  • The issue of QuickBooks payroll error PS107
  • The complication with QuickBooks payroll error PS058.
  • QuickBooks payroll error PS032
  • Issues with QuickBooks payroll update error 30159.
  • The problem of QuickBooks payroll set up code 00000 xxxxx.
  • QuickBooks payroll error PS15240

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These issues are very common in the QuickBooks payroll service and it should be dealt with utmost caution. If you come across any of these issues then you can contact QuickBooks Payroll technical support number to avail the help of instant technical assistance from experts.


  • How do I activate QuickBooks payroll service?

    To activate QuickBooks payroll service you have to follow the steps mentioned below:

    • Enter the activation key that came with your product.
    • Open ‘QuickBooks Desktop’ and on the top of the toolbar select ‘employees’.
    • Search and locate ‘payroll setup’ in the drop-down
    • When the payroll wizard opens, follow the on-screen instructions to activate QuickBooks payroll service.
  • How to cancel a direct deposit in QuickBooks payroll?

    If you want to cancel a direct deposit, follow the steps below:

    • On the menu bar select ‘employees edit/void paychecks’.
    • Select ‘void paychecks’ and click on the ‘void’ button.
    • When the pop-up box appears, click ‘yes’ and click ‘void’ again.
    • Click on the terms and condition box and once the checks have been canceled, close the ‘edit/void paycheck’ window.
  • How to fix payroll set up error code format 00000 xxxxx (unrecoverable error)?

    To resolve the issue of payroll set up error 00000 xxxxx, follow the instructions below:

    • On the error message display box, click on ‘view report link’.
    • Locate the file in Internet Explorer and open by ReportHeader.xml
    • With Windows Explorer, open the file ReportHeader.xml and choose open in a new window in internet explorer.
    • Press ctrl+F, and in the search box type ‘Exception String 0’. This will indicate where the error is coming from and therefore you can apply the necessary steps to fix it.
  • How to reactivate a terminated employee in QuickBooks payroll?

    To reactivate a terminated employee, follow the steps below:

    • Go to ‘employee center’ and change the view to ‘all employees’.
    • Click on the employee you want to reactivate and click on the ‘employment info’ button.
    • Remove the release date so that the field is left blank.
    • Uncheck the ‘employee is an inactive’ box and click ‘ok’ to save your changes.