QuickBooks Payroll Support

Payroll is a subscription-based service that is available in QuickBooks. Through this service, users can access all payroll related services and functions to make their business life more manageable. With this service customers can create paychecks with automatic tax collection, deposit employees payroll directly to their checking’s or savings account, print federal and state forms in QuickBooks and mail to the appropriate agencies etc. this is a very user friendly service and it makes the life of businessmen and employees more relaxed. If you would like to get more insightful details on this service, you can contact QuickBooks payroll customer support number where you can get all your question or queries answered. This customer care number is available throughout the day.

Sometimes, due to some technical difficulties or problems, QuickBooks might not be able to send payroll data or deposit paychecks. This issue is quite common among QuickBooks customers and many complaints have been put forward regarding this issue. So if you want to know how to fix this issue, you can follow the instructions given below:

  • Launch your internet explorer and click on ‘tools’ and under this option click on ‘internet options’.
  • Open the ‘general’ tab and under ‘browsing history’ select ‘delete’.
  • Click on ‘temporary internet files and website files’ and select ‘delete’ and press ‘ok’.
  • Go to the command prompt and flush the
  • If you are using Windows XP: go to start menu and select ‘run’.
    • If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7: click ‘start’, then go to ‘all programs’ and under this choose ‘accessories’ and click ‘run’.
  • Type in CMD and when the command prompt opens type in ‘ipconfig/flushdns’.
  • Press ‘enter’ and try sending the payroll.

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These steps will guide you to enable sending payrolls normally again. However, if you come across any kind of glitches or error while executing these steps then you can contact QuickBooks technical support obtain the help of technical supervisors who will help you resolve the problems you are currently facing. Like the customer care service, this support line is also available 24×7 and it is available for free of cost.